Longhi furniture Milano

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Longhi designs and produces furnishing, accessories, sliding partition walls and doors.

Strongly oriented towards contemporary living trends, The company is well known for being open to evolutions in taste and design.

This is confirmed mainly by the large investments that they put into each moment of the production process, starting from the very first prototype development phases and the applied technologies, right down to customer service and integrated communication.

Their production is set apart from competitors' by their deep-seated artisan craftsmanship tradition, the use of precious, noble materials and their constant commitment to research and innovation.

These values, along with a great attention to comfort and functionality, make up their corporate philosophy.

The result is a collection of hand crafted furniture with a sober but elegant look, made of mainly exclusive materials such as wood, marble and stone, all with certificates of Authenticity and Warranty.

Each piece is rigorously hand made completely in Italy, and often custom built.

Furthermore, before each product is released on the market, it undergoes rigorous tests to make sure that it offers maximum quality and total environmental friendliness.

Longhi's excellence is completed by the presence of a strong technological imprint throughout its collections, and a great variety of pieces. Their selection is always up to date and able to satisfy the most diverse needs and tastes.