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Longhi Fold


Modular sofa with seat base in wood and non-deformable elastic bands that maintain stability and prevent crushing. Memory Foam sheet guarantees that the seat returns to its original shape. At the center of the seat, a polyurethane insert "Breeze" guarantees aeration of the sofa, which provides well-being and comfort. Cushions are fully stuffed with sterilized goose down and the rest of the wood structure is covered in high-density polyurethane foam. The upholstery cannot be removed from the structure, but backrest cushion covers are removable.

In the leather version, this sofa has a cut in the structure that encloses a metal insert that matches the metal legs. In the fabric version, these inserts cannot be inserts. However, it is possible to match the outside part of the leather structure to the internal part in fabric from the catalog.

Designer: Alessandro La Spada

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